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Where, When, Who, What

Blockchain applications for products & services

Immutable hardware and software platform connecting the physical world to the digital world of NFT's and digital assets.

Truth As A Service

Prioritize Truth Over Trust

As an immutable ledger-based technology company, Black Ink Tech (BIT) has revolutionized systems to produce verifiable records of truth and transparency for essentially every action and process that individuals and corporations undertake on a daily basis.

Through its patented platform and true autonomous verification, Black Ink Tech creates a digital pairing of a physical asset or NFT for significant efficiencies which causes an incredible increased value to the asset.


Current Industry Products


" Our patented platform includes extensive software libraries and hardware devices developed in a modular format. After commencement, our time to get a new industry product to market is measured in weeks....not months. Our platform utilizes pre-trained machine learning processes to reduce friction and verifiably connect digital assets, validated data tokens, to a physical product, service, or event. Connecting physical items to functionally equivalent tokens facilitate their use in the digital world and maximizes value and increases functionality, efficiency, and usability, all of which are transparently validated with only a touch. "

— Jeremy Blackburn, CEO & Founder
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Triangles Of Truth

Digital pairing to a real-world object is done through triangles of truth which include GPS anchoring, time confirmation through immutable blockchain, and also unique identifiers such as biometrics of individuals, tracking on objects, etc., which are all interrelated but independent to stakeholders of a specific event.


With multiple patents for NFT, blockchain event creation, Black Ink Tech is moving with great power, speed, and integrity to provide transparency and truth in every major market and industry.

Black Ink Tech is a company with a philosophy rooted in truth over trust. By leveraging truth that consists of GPS anchoring, time confirmation through immutable blockchain and unique identifiers like biometrics, Black Ink Tech provides an unmatched level of transparency and quality for digital transactions and assets of all kinds.

Company Overview

Possessing exclusive use of multiple patents, Black Ink Tech is moving with profound power, speed and integrity to prioritize truth over trust in order to revolutionize how numerous industries complete transactions. Black Ink Tech is expanding the use of blockchain technology to provide transparency and truth in every major market and vertical. By using truth that confirms where, what, when and even who, Black Ink Tech can create digital assets that are paired to physical assets. We create NFT's that are connected to physical objects or processes in the physical world. This innovation represents Black Ink Tech’s ability to revolutionize systems to produce verifiable records of truth and accountability for every action and process that individuals and corporations undertake on a daily basis. 


Black Ink Tech 
Industry Product Companies 

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Black Ink Tech 
Platform Companies 

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