Who We Are...
And How We Came To Be 

Black Ink Tech


Black Ink Tech is a revolutionary company prioritizing truth within transactions for unmatched transparency and automation across a wide variety of verticals. 


Utilizing blockchain technology, Black Ink Tech customers enjoy multiple benefits, including:   

the ability to pair physical items to digital assets, produce hardened data to reduce friction, using autonomous automation to improve efficiency, and audit data in addition to the events they are associated with. 

Black Ink Tech offers the users of its vertical companies, the advantage of experiencing blockchain technology at its fullest potential. 


Our Mission, Our Goal

Black Ink Tech aims to provide solutions to daily obstacles for its users. We reduce friction and increase efficiency.

As an immutable ledger-based technology company,

the primary mission of Black Ink Tech is to offer transparency and accountability for daily operations.

This is done by collecting and storing verifiable records of truth on the Paired platform for the stakeholders.


Ultimately, the technology provided by Black Ink Tech solves various problems, from helping contractors get paid faster to improved tracking of job site supplies, warranty verifications, and conformity, improving efficiencies through handled data for processes and payments.


BIT Industry Product Companies 

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Founded in 2019, Black Ink Tech (BIT) is an immutable ledger automated technology company that has prioritized increasing transparency by prioritizing truth over trust. Initially starting in construction, BIT has expanded its product offering of digital asset creation vastly.


Now, Black Ink Tech is capable of incorporating the newest technological innovations across multiple industries.


Black Ink Tech focuses on providing new, hardened data that drastically affects how people conduct business for years to come.

Parallel Lines

With exclusive license rights to over 20 pending and multiple awarded patents, Black Ink Tech is considered to have the most patents related to blockchain and NFT's than any other company, and are expanding their patent reach to every industry and market.


The patents licensed by Black Ink Tech, are all related to the innovative usage of Blockchain technology. Licensed patents include System for Verification and Management of Medical Objects, System for Verification and Management for Non-fungible Tokens, and Digital Asset System for Management of Projects and Materials, just to name a few.



Biometrics is an essential aspect of BIT’s kiosks/nodes. Using Bio Digital Identity allows users to connect their biometrics to their digital identity for security and confirmation


The immutable database and platform where data is accessed and stored. The Paired platform uses machine learning automation and serves as a general ledger database for all Black Ink Tech’s products.



Pairing physical assets to the digital world provides owners of those assets with various benefits. ChainIT allows people to pair their own physical items with digital assets, making it possible to exchange those items with others. People can also visit ChainIT to discover other "Chained” items.


Facilitates smart contracts to effectuate value transfer autonomous process, automation and drastically reduce the time it takes to pay for projects, objects, or events.


Data Audit

What Makes BIT Unique

Black Ink Tech has created the disruptive technologies across numerous industries. This includes construction, pharmaceuticals, sports memorabilia art, financial services, automotive, among other sectors. Moreover, Black Ink Tech presents unprecedented market appeal to businesses within verticals that benefit from real-time localized and hardened data. By leveraging machine learning and distributed ledger technology, Black Ink Tech is pushing numerous industries into new horizons of advanced business process planning and management.


SiteSUPER provides the building trades with desperately needed technological innovations in various ways. Essentially, SiteSUPER streamlines construction management by serving as an all-in-one solution for tracking and managing all aspects of construction projects using an autonomous kiosk, blockchain oracle, that helps site management and creates unmatched quality digital assets.

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Anytime Cash

The core focus of Anytime Cash is on providing financial services solutions to underbanked and unbanked communities. Anytime Cash customers have access to convenient financial services and custom loans with decreased rates and fees compared to other lenders available to them 24/7/365. Without any brick and mortar locations, Anytime Cash uses Kiosks, blockchain oracle, and mobile capabilities to authenticate and verify customers, while using an A.T driven underwriting system that analyzes key inputs to determine the best loan options for customers.


Creates digital assets, NFT's using kiosks/oracles that immutably record key verified data events that immutably pair the physical object with a digital NFT. This pairing brings truth to a highly fraud-filled industry. Authentication, transparency, provenance, and ultimately increased value. This adds an unprecedented level of authenticity to sports memorabilia.

PAIRED Pharma LOGO-black-ink-tech.png

Paired Pharma

Creates immutable records of pharmaceuticals and medical devices starting with manufacturers and continues through patient exam events. Afterward, these records are paired with the biometrics of the patient and administrating doctor, who then uses the confirmed data in conjunction with a smart contract for insurance processing. This creates the infrastructure for a friction-free environment for patients' medical records.

Park & Walk

Park and Walk is a blockchain anchored parking solution that brings a new level of ease to the process of finding and paying for parking. The service serves as a centralized solution for drivers to select and pay for parking spots and also for parking lot managers to monitor activity and manage within their lots. Park and Walk facilitates automatic money transfers upon customer payments, and money rules are set by the owner. This, along with the license plate reader that’s used for parkers hoping to reserve a parking spot, makes enforcing violators simple & easy for managers.

Park and Walk logo-black-ink-tech.png

The Black Ink Tech platform is designed to leverage technology to afford new levels of truth to business transactions of all kinds. Maximizing the capabilities of modern technology using propriety software in conjunction with numerous kiosks/nodes that allow users to use the blockchain to record digital assets, NFTs, and payments immutably. The combined use of innovative hardware and software helps make Black Ink Tech a pioneer in revolutionizing the way to seek and confirm the truth in businesses and daily activities to remove friction and increase automation.


Experience the future of blockchain technology made possible by Black Ink Tech.

Learn more about how BIT and our subsidiary companies are disrupting multiple industries with our groundbreaking hardware and software technology.