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About BIT

With the very first patent filed in 2019 and published in 2020, Black Ink Tech has now exclusively licensed 13 patents. These include connecting physical objects and events to digital tokens and the utilization of smart contracts. Black Ink Tech also has over 20 patents pending. 

The exclusive rights to these patents position Black Ink Tech as a leader in the implementation of Web 3.0 technology by creating digital equivalents of physical products, services, and events, thus bringing transparency and automation to virtually any industry. Visit Scientia Potentia Est to learn more.


Who We Are

At Black Ink Tech, we provide business solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce friction, and maximize value. Through our comprehensive ChainIT platform, we facilitate the integration of permanent digital ledger technology for companies across multiple industries, providing them with measurable results and an edge over competitors. 


The ChainIT platform connects any physical product, service, or event with our Validated Data Tokens™ (VDTs). VDTs are permanent, traceable records containing data points that validate the truth of whatever is connected to them. Our VDTs are also assigned a token grade for added assurance through our Token Grading System™. 

Our exclusive Touch Audit™ feature enables instant access for viewing any VDT record and confirming its data and token grade. This provides a new level of transparency and accountability, eliminating the need for trust among parties.

Our Mission

We provide business solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce friction, and maximize value. Our comprehensive ChainIT™ platform facilitates the easy integration of permanent digital ledger technology in its best form. Our platform can adapt to any company in virtually any industry. Learn more about how Black Ink Tech™ can take your business to the next level with measurable results and an edge over competitors.


Founded in 2019, Black Ink Tech™ (BIT) was initially launched with a mission to revolutionize the construction industry. With its unique hardware kiosks and innovative software platform, Black Ink Tech provided automated tracking of supplies, employees, tasks, and other job-site operations.


Black Ink Tech™ has expanded into multiple industries including food supply chain management, fine art, medical, and sports collectibles, offering Truth as a Service™ through its transparent Touch Audit™ feature that provides an in-depth view of data.

Meet the Team

Our global team is made up of individuals with unique skill sets and diverse experiences who are equipped to deliver quality services on our dynamic platform.

Jeremy Blackburn


Nikki Derbyshire


Justin Southward


Viral Parikh


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