Anytime Cash

Over the last 30 years, there has been little innovation in the lending sector. Products and practices have high fixed costs and lenders all too often still have high loan losses. 


Anytime Cash aims to change all that by providing financial services to everyone, everywhere at any time. As many as 14.1 million (6%) of adults are unbanked and 33 million (25%) of households are underbanked. Anytime Cash provides all customers, regardless of banking status, with a secure, convenient, physical access point for verifications and services.

Motherboard Installation


Autonomous physical locations with simple kiosk access provide consumers with a quick and easy way to get the cash they need.

Computer Programming


Our patented technology confirms key data points to create a dynamic client profile that grows as they do. This allows us to offer competitive financial services while minimizing risk.


Beneficial for All 

Anytime Cash’s autonomous kiosks have lower fixed costs decreasing business costs and utilize patented technology to confirm and verify the borrower to keep losses low allowing for the lower rates offered to consumers.


Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime 

Anytime Cash utilizes geolocation and immutable client profiles to qualify customers for quick and easy loans anytime and anywhere there is a kiosk. Our system uses advanced technology  to evaluate all alternative financial options to provide the best option for the consumer as well as offering two-way video chatting allowing support representatives to offer assistance at any step in the process. With lower costs overall for both lenders and consumers, Anytime is revolutionizing the way we do banking.


Our current services include check cashing, title loans, payday loans, consumer loans, and income verification. 


Check Cashing

The kiosk is outfitted with three check cashing stations to accommodate large demands. Two-way video chat allows customers to talk with a real person to help resolve any issues there may be with the checks. Offer customer retail cards in lieu of cash to support nearby retail establishments. 



Our loan algorithm determines the best loan for the borrower, and offers affordable financing options for everyday and emergency situations--often at lower rates than alternative lenders. Anytime Cash currently offers title loans, payday loans, and consumer loans.


Income Verification

This statement can be used as proof of income by our unbanked customers to secure housing.