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Come be Part of Our Story! 

Black Ink Tech is growing and we are looking for experienced professionals to help us on our quest to provide data, truth, and value to businesses in every major market & industry. Our platform and products are changing the game and we invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor! 

Job Descriptions for Software Development Positions

We are looking for experienced developers across a wide range of roles. At BIT, we value your experience in software development and design. Self-starters with superior knowledge in building out data frameworks, scaling complex systems, and optimizing system processes are always welcome to apply.

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Software Engineer

In this role, you will build out data frameworks and communicate with product owners to create efficient system processes. You have experience with blockchain technology, software development, and algorithm implementation. 

Software Infrastructure Engineer

In this position, you will lead a team of software developers and maintain the framework of our software build outs. Your experience with Amazon Web Services will be vital for your success. 

UI/UX Designers

Our UI/UX designers create easy to use and aesthetically pleasing customer experiences. Your background in design helps you create memorable and understandable  interactions with our technology.

Backend Developers

We value your experience in software development and blockchain technology. In this role, you will create and maintain database frameworks to coordinate with frontend applications.

Frontend Developers

Your experience in blockchain technology and web languages is an asset. This position will give you the opportunity to create meaningful customer experiences through website and web application development.

Full-Stack Developers

Use your experience in database design, API systems, and development languages to create functional platforms for our customers. You will communicate with your development team and the product owner to streamline the development process and create meaningful interactions with our technology systems.

Job Descriptions for Operations & Management Positions

BIT is always on the lookout to grow our operations team. BIT recognizes and appreciates talent and experience with product development, project management, blockchain analytics, and team building. Self-motivators and fast learners will enjoy a remote work environment designing and developing exciting new products in a wide array of markets, from parking and payment systems to construction management and memorabilia markets.  

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Product Owners

In this role, you will use your experience in product development to lead a team as they take a product from origin to market. Tasks include research, interacting with the development team, and prepping the product for full launch. Your excellent communication skills will keep everyone from the development team to the sales force up to date on progress.

Business Analysts

Use your experience in data translation to review current and past data in order to streamline and tailor business processes to meet the needs of Black Ink Technologies. In this position, your considerable analytical skills will be an asset. You will communicate your findings to increase our products’ marketability

Job Descriptions for Marketing Positions

Our marketing team is expanding quickly as BIT continues to grow. Talent and experience in content writing, copywriting, web design, market research, search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media promotions, and graphic design will not go unnoticed at BIT. Applicants should have experience in creative design, bring new ideas and concepts to the table, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and have a strong desire to think outside the box. Experienced self-motivated people will thrive in helping to bring the BIT platform and products to the top of their industries. 

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Content Writers

You know how to convey a message to your audience. Your experience in advertising will help us tell our potential customers why we are the best option. Our platform is constantly growing so you will always have exciting new products to deliver to our consumer base.

Web Designers

As a BIT web designer, you will use  your experience in visualization and software to create websites that make customer interactions memorable. You will collaborate with our development and product teams to produce easy to use and visually appealing website experiences for our users.

Social Media Specialists

In this role, you will take your knowledge in social media platforms and establish and grow our presence on various social media platforms. You will generate interactions to grow our audience, build out our brand, and ensure accurate message delivery. 

Admin Assistant

In this role, you will show flexibility to help with day-to-day administrative duties, project management, and help with the development, execution, and monitoring of digital efforts, social media, press relations, and content marketing campaigns.

Graphic Designer

In this role, you will oversee all graphic design needs and facilitates marketing campaigns from start to finish. Working toward achieving quarterly and yearly goals for department and company.


In this role, you will use your considerable experience in videography and editing to bring our products and systems to life on screen. You will work closely with our marketing team and product owners to create visual aids for our customers.

Job Descriptions for Sales and Business Development Positions

As BIT’s revolutionary products come to market, we are looking to expand our Sales and Business Development department with experienced team members. We value experience in B2B sales, business development, client relationship cultivation, and product consultation. 

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Sales Representatives

As a representative of BIT, you will establish and cultivate relationships with clients from the initial pitch to the sale of products. You are self motivated, have experience in technology sales, and want to represent the best products on the market. 

B2B Account Executives

As a BIT account executive, you will build relationships with clients and establish trust in our products and delivery. You appreciate the importance of our products, client relationships, and teamwork. You will work with development teams and clients to make the transition from sales to implementation seamless.

Business Development Officer

In this role, you will research and find spaces for growth in current and future markets. Your experience in research, growing customer bases, projections, and forecasting will help your team build our brand and make BIT the cornerstone of the technology development field. 

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