If you have spent any time around a construction site, you know there are often delays that can significantly slow down the completion of the project. SiteSUPER streamlines the process utilizing their patented hardware and software system to create more efficient business operations every step of the building-to-ownership process.


Patented Technology


The kiosk is the first of its kind to integrate new technologies solving not just one but multiple problems found on a job site. It also serves as the access point for everything going in and out of the site, from employees and inspectors to materials and tools.



SiteSUPER is the first to pair non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with real-world assets, specifically in construction. This pairing creates an immutable record on the blockchain allowing for faster and smoother transactions.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology allows for the appropriate parties to be compensated as soon as their part is verified, this extends not just to manufacturers’ being paid upon delivery but also workers and inspectors


The Future of Construction

Construction projects are slowed down by delays due to any number of reasons--from manual paperbound process that consume your employees’ time to miscommunication leading to the wrong materials being sent to a site. 


SiteSUPER eliminates major inefficiencies by using the most advanced technology to modernize every phase of construction. The kiosk acts as a real-world bi-directional oracle that improves data security, workflow processes, and overall efficiency. The end product is a verifiable record of construction containing proof of every part installed, person involved, and related documents that can be handed off to homeowners to refer back to.


Keep your construction site safe with 24/7 monitoring built into the kiosk. In case of an intruder, SiteSUPER automatically calls authorities for a fast-response time to minimize or even avoid damage. The kiosk also acts as a storage locker for equipment so you can safely store tools minimizing the possibility for stolen and/or lost tools.

Smart Project Management

SiteSUPER automatically logs all labor data updating labor sequences and notifying project managers a real-time view of the progress of every project process. This allows everyone to be on the same page about where a project stands and have a realistic view of when a project is expected to be completed.

Track Movement On-site

Keep track of everyone that sets foot on the site. The kiosk serves as the main access point for everyone who passes through, and with the help of biometrics there is a verifiable and immutable record. Workers can use the kiosk to log their hours securely, and inspectors can check in to verify their arrival and exit.