Bringing the Construction Industry into the Future with SiteSUPER

Revolutionizing a paper-bound industry, SiteSUPER is bringing truth and transparency to construction. The first of its kind, the SiteSUPER platform centralizes all the data that runs through a job site daily. From employee monitoring and inspection tracking to material management and automatic payment distributions, SiteSUPER increases efficiency and accuracy at every step of the building process.

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Advancing Every Aspect of the Construction Process

he SiteSUPER platform was created by experts in the field to address the most pressing problems on a job site that can delay a project and add extra costs. Our patented hardware and software technology work together to expedite everyday processes from clocking in to ordering materials, all on one easy-to-use platform.


The kiosk works as a central point for the site, taking in data from everything that goes in and out of the job site and immutably storing it on the blockchain. This data is accessible by any relevant stakeholder and can effectuate autonomous smart contracts for payment disbursement. 


SiteSUPER’s system works hard for you so your project managers can focus on the big picture and leave paperwork where it belongs–in the past.

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SiteSUPER’s kiosk is the first of its kind to integrate new technologies, including NFTs and blockchain, with physical objects to streamline business operations. The kiosk serves as the central point for every person and object that comes through the site.


With the data collected from the kiosk, SiteSUPER is able to effectuate smart contracts and track progress on projects. This helps create more autonomous and efficient business operations so your site supervisors can focus on the big picture.

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Core Features

On-Site Project Management

The SiteSUPER platform keeps everyone, from project managers to stakeholders, on the same page by automatically tracking labor sequences and updating job statuses. Based on this information, project completion deadlines can be adjusted as needed to better manage expectations.

Delivery Automation

Site project managers can directly request materials through the platform, notifying suppliers and verifying deliveries. The SiteSUPER platform notifies the contractors, sends relevant data to insurance, and sends payment to the supplier.

Employee Tracking

The SiteSUPER kiosk captures data including biometrics, time, and location of each employee checking in or out, immutably recording the information to the blockchain. From there, smart contracts autonomously compensate workers. Tracking time has never been more efficient.

Track Inspections

The SiteSUPER system can schedule inspections, verify inspector arrival and departure times, and monitor inspector performance. Upon completion, inspection results become part of an immutable record for the project and are available for review on the platform.

24/7 Security

Equipped with a security camera and geofence monitoring, the SiteSUPER kiosk also can alert authorities when intruders are detected or in the case of an emergency for around-the-clock protection.

Smart Contracts

Data collected at every point of the construction process can autonomously effectuate smart contracts, which can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, at the end of a project, once an inspector verifies work is completed to standards, smart contracts are effectuated to compensate contractors, laborers, and suppliers instantly.

Let SiteSUPER do the heavy lifting and discover a more efficient way to run construction projects.

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