Park and Walk –
it really is that easy!

Backed by patented blockchain technology, Park and Walk provide drivers, parking lot owners, and managers with a dynamic, innovative system that streamlines every aspect of parking and parking management.

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Easy to Park and Pay

Customers are sure to be regulars when they see how easy it is to use the Park and Walk system. There are no apps to download and no lines to wait in to pay. Drivers simply scan the QR code, select the desired pass option, and pay.

One Platform - Multiple Functions

Park & Walk’s seamless platform is accessible via web application or mobile device and able to manage monthly/daily/hourly/transient parking, violations, and enforcements.

Spot Trends for Better Performance

Dynamic reporting monitors when parking is high or low, and shows opportune times to increase or decrease fees based on surges, supply, and demand. Manage your lot or garage smarter with Park & Walk.

Efficient Enforcement

Third-party enforcers can easily capture license plate numbers to immediately determine the status of the user and take appropriate action.

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Car Park

It’s as easy as Park & Walk

Finding an open spot is hard enough. Paying shouldn’t be a hassle, either.


Find an Open Spot

and Park

Locate the sign that is prominently displayed in the lot. 


Scan the

QR Code

Enter your phone number and license plate on the site.


Choose Time Needed and Walk 

No lines, no apps to download, and no wasted time.

To make your experience even more convenient, Park and Walk will send you a text to remind you when your time is about to expire. You can easily extend your time and pay without ever downloading an app.

Ready to Park?

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Parking Made Easy for Everyone

Parking management is a rapidly emerging market, currently valued at $3.8 billion. The market is expected to surpass $5 billion within the next three years, at an annual growth rate of 7.6%.


Though this has attracted the attention of many technology solution providers, only Park and Walk uses patented technology to truly streamline processes for drivers, as well as owners and management.


Owners and Management

Park and Walk’s robust web portal makes management a breeze, allowing owners and managers to evaluate the overall performance of lots and handle day-to-day operations in one convenient location. Some of the system functions include: customizable rates, enforcement rules, promotional code and validation code creation. Park and Walk is the only parking management company equipped with blockchain technology, anchoring GPS data to lots and individual spaces and smart contracts to facilitate daily payouts to managers and owners.


The Park and Walk platform allows drivers to find a parking spot ahead of time and before reaching their destination. Once the driver arrives and parks in their reserved spot, they scan the QR code provided on the lot signage. From there, the driver can simply choose a permit and pay through Google Pay, Apple Pay, or a credit card of their choice. The platform generates SMS notifications that alert drivers when their time is about to expire, giving them ample time to avoid inconveniences like tickets, towing, or boots.



It’s easier than ever for enforcers and third-party boot and tow vendors to check for violators and take action – all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. After identifying an infringement, enforcers simply select the violation type and take photos of the vehicle. The enforcer chooses the applicable violation action, and a ticket, boot, or tow is issued. The driver receives an SMS notification when an enforcement is created, including a hyperlink to digital payment options.

Park smarter and manage easier with Park and Walk

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Smart Management Starts With Blockchain

The blockchain creates a transparent environment for storing information, recording data using an immutable and tamper-proof method. Park and Walk runs on blockchain technology, facilitating daily payments through smart contracts. Lot owners and managers can set rules and rates for each lot from the convenience of a smartphone. 


Blockchain-based ledgers increase the security of data input on the Park and Walk platform, including transactions for the parking lots/structures and license plate image captures, immutably storing the information on the storage protocol. Stakeholders can easily access critical data to inform decision-making processes.

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Park and Walk is the all-in-one solution for a better way to park and manage lots.

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