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ChainIT™ Makes The Complex Simple

Our integrated ChainIT™ platform provides an infrastructure with easy plug-and-play for businesses to experience permanent digital ledger technology at its highest potential. Our mobile app makes it easy for anyone to create tamper-proof, permanent records of their digital identity as well as link physical objects, products, services, and events to Validated Data Tokens.

ChainIT™ has been implemented in multiple industries including supply chain management, fine art, construction, medical, and sports memorabilia. ChainIT enables any company to streamline its processes and maximize value.


Our stationary and floating kiosks are the hardware mechanisms that utilize the ChainIT™ software platform. Kiosks record crucial data points during the initial VDT™ creation and store them with permanent digital ledger technology. Our data points include:


Where → GPS coordinates

When → Permanent timestamps

Who → Biometrics of participants

What → Unique identifiers ​& photos


Stationary kiosks are part of our trusted computing network and create tokens with our highest grade of validation. They are customizable for industry-specific hardware and designs, creating a unique user experience. Stationary kiosks can track, register, validate, and more.


Floating kiosks are economical, portable devices also on our trusted network. They create data tokens that are of a comparable level to the stationary kiosk — still reliable and validated. Floating kiosk interfaces can also be quickly customized to accommodate any brand or company logo.


With innovative software, Black Ink Tech makes it easy to create Validated Data Tokens™ for physical objects, products, services, and events. These specialized data tokens function as digital equivalents of the physical world, establishing permanent, auditable records. Our software can be utilized on our stationary and mobile kiosks or integrated into existing computing systems.


Implementation into existing platforms that’s as easy as attaching a document or uploading a file.


Validated Data Tokens™ (VDTs) are data-driven, permanent records connected to physical products, services, and events.


Ultimate transparency comes with the touch of a button — anyone can independently verify a VDT.


Digital contracts (also known as smart contracts) that facilitate automatic payments when a set of predetermined conditions are met.


Scannable QR codes unlock the Touch Audit™ feature for users to view and verify all data connected to a VDT.


A web console that facilitates the management of users, VDTs, devices, and operations. VDT records enable full data analysis and management.

“Regulations, requirements, duties, standards, and obligations do not disappear in the digital world for physical world objects and services; all of these must still be met. Our platform allows users to meet their requirements and obligations while transacting digitally.”

Jeremy Blackburn, CEO of Black Ink Tech

Token Grading System™

Black Ink Tech truly stands alone with our Validated Data Tokens graded with our revolutionary Token Grading System.  


In the physical world, objects considered valuable receive that value based on a grading scale. For example, gold is graded by karats, diamonds by the 4 ‘C’s,’ and corporate bonds by their investment status. 


When it comes to the digital world, no such uniformed grading scale exists. Tokens and other digital commodities are left without a determined grade, and this can lead to friction, skepticism, and unpredictable ROI. 


Our Token Grading System provides a proven,  standardized method for assessing digital items connected to our Validated Data Tokens. A grade is assigned based on the level of validation as they are assessed against certain criteria illustrated in the graphic below. 


Graded tokens provide transparency that alleviates friction and gives confidence to all participants in the digital space.

Validated Data Tokens™

Black Ink Tech is bridging the gap in the groundbreaking permanent ledger technology. Our innovative platform allows for seamless integration and our Validated Data Tokens™ provide measurable outcomes for any industry. Here’s how it works:

A Validated Data Token (VDT™) can be created on our platform for any physical object, product, service, or event. These specialized tokens function as digital equivalents of the physical world, thus digitizing all operations.


VDTs™ offer much more than the standard digital token. The data contained within them is significantly more transparent and involved. Our platform records:


Where → GPS coordinates

When → Permanent timestamps

Who → Biometrics of participants

What → Unique identifiers ​& photos


All of this data is Touch Audit™-enabled for anyone, anywhere, at any time, providing transparency that enhances efficiences and maximizes value.

Touch Audit

GPS location of the creation of the VDT™ record and subsequent additions to the record


Permanent timestamps indicating the time of each action in the record


Biometrics of the individuals involved in the initial creation and subsequent actions on the record


Images of the documents, objects, events, and other items that are being tokenized

Fortifying the ChainIT platform is our exclusive Touch Audit feature. It allows any user instant access to confirm the data and Token Grade for any VDT record. Touch Auditing is easy and can be done from anywhere through the ChainIT app on your mobile device. 

There is no longer a need to ‘take their word for it’ when it comes to the authenticity of items, documents, statistics, or transactions. Verify the truth for yourself with Touch Audit.

Every object, product, service, or event connected to a VDT receives a unique QR code. Simply scanning the QR code with any mobile device will instantly pull up the transparent records of origin, ownership, and history. The data you will be able to view includes:

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