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Core Features

The patented Black Ink Tech hardware and software platform allows businesses to fully realize the advantage and efficiencies of blockchain and data tokens for their current products and services.

Features of the ChainIT Platform


ChainIT makes the complex simple.


The ChainIT mobile app makes it easy for anyone to utilize distributed ledger technology to create tamper-proof, permanent records of your validated digital identity, art, sports memorabilia, documents, photos, services, events, and any other personal or business related product.


Validated Data Tokens™, or VDTs, allow you to store attributes of “Where”, “When”, “Who”, and “What” in the metadata, which cannot be altered, thus creating an immutable record. You can easily share your data records with a unique QR code generated for each of your tokens.


ChainIT- connecting the physical and digital worlds of today as well as the future of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.


Kiosks, Nodes, and Oracles

Our stationary and floating kiosks are the hardware mechanisms that utilize the ChainIT software platform. Kiosks record metadata points during initial VDT creation and store them with immutable ledger-based technology. Our data points include:


  • Where → GPS coordinates

  • When → Permanent timestamps

  • Who → Biometrics of participants

  • What → Unique identifier ​& photos

Audit Management Program

An integral function of ChainIT, Data Audit allows for any stakeholder to confirm the metadata and Token Grade for a Validated Data Token™. Our exclusive Touch Audit™ feature gives easy, instant access for independent verification, fortifying the ChainIT platform with maximum transparency and validation.

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