Core Features

The patented Black Ink Tech hardware and software platform allows businesses to fully realize the advantage and efficiencies of Blockchain, digital assets, and NFT's for their current products and services.

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What Makes The BIT Platform


Immutable Database (Paired, Inc.) (ChainIT)


Smart Contracts
(Paired Pay)


Kiosks or Nodes


Audit Management Platform
(Data Audit)


Industry-specific applications

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Paired Inc. & ChainIT

Having a mechanism in place for verifying the authenticity of physical assets is a must. That’s the exact problem that Paired, Inc. and ChainIT solves.

Paired, Inc. is an immutable database for paired digital and physical assets, which are real-world assets on internet rails. They can be presented in your digital wallet for asset confirmation, verification, and effectuating multiple processes via smart contract.

Paired Pay

A smart contract and value transfer company that facilitates digital contracts using autonomous automation, allowing users to pay for goods and services seamlessly and to receive event confirmation. Paired Pay users benefit from having access to contracts that effectuate payments and processes instantly. Transaction data is stored immutably for transparency, verification, and future reference.



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Kiosks - Nodes or Oracles

Black Ink Tech’s kiosks act as nodes on the blockchain, which are essential to creating immutable records that allow for new levels of transparency and accuracy. The kiosks capture data to create “triangles of truth,” which includes what/who, when, and where. 

  • What → Unique identifier 

  • Who → Biometrics of participants

  • When → Recorded on the blockchain

  • Where → Kiosk is GPS-anchored

The data captured at this initial event is permanently recorded on the blockchain available to view by any stakeholders. 

Audit Management Platform

As an integrated risk and audit management platform,

Data Audit can retrieve records while helping to demonstrate integrity with its ability to compare and compute record hash while verifying the integrity of the Black Ink Tech event log.

There are numerous ways Data Audit goes above and beyond to provide quality service assurance. It serves as a paired asset for services assurance with its ability to map assets to kiosk/node ID and location. Moreover, it allows users to quickly confirm data events for oversight.

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What Makes BIT Unique?

Black Ink Tech is pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with Blockchain technology in numerous ways. The three pillars of its truth platform (Paired Inc, ChainIT, Paired Pay, and multiple Node Product-specific Companies) facilitate companies and individuals to leverage all the promise of .

With several exclusively licensed patents, along with Smart contract effectuation in the physical world since early 2019, Black Ink Tech is just beginning to enable the full potential of Blockchain technology within multiple major technologies.