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Access secure, convenient financial services, regardless of banking status, with revolutionary, patented blockchain technology.


Millions of Americans face problems proving their income, verifying their identity, and building good credit. As a result, as many as 6% of the population is unbanked, without a checking or savings account, and up to 25% are underbanked, relying on backup sources, such as money orders, check-cashing services, and payday loans, to manage their finances. Anytime Cash is an alternative financial services platform that provides a banking solution to everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Variety of Coins

Comprehensive Services

Traditional financial services are not available to a large segment of the population. When certain criteria are required, such as deposit minimums, income verification, and high credit scores, there are inevitably people that are unable to meet those requirements. This results in non-banked and underbanked households falling into cycles of high interest rates, leading to reduced cash flow and, ultimately, financial duress. Anytime Cash offers comprehensive services to non-banked and underbanked customers, including title loans, income verification, auto loans, check cashing, payday loans, and financial management education.

Removing Human Biases

While, theoretically, financial services and loan qualification are based on objective factors, in most cases there is also a human involved in the decision as to whether to approve or deny the request. Anytime Cash eliminates human bias that may prevent non-banked and underbanked customers from obtaining what they need to manage their finances, with decisions driven by an automated underwriting system, which analyzes key inputs, evaluates all alternative finance options, and determines the best loan for the applicant.


Light Physical Footprint

Anytime Cash utilizes conveniently located kiosks for a minimal physical footprint, and customers can access services on any mobile device. Autonomous kiosks have a lower fixed cost, passing lower rates on to customers. Since kiosks are open 24/7, the inconvenience of banking around the institution’s hours is eliminated.

Patented Technology

Anytime Cash is backed by Black Ink Tech (BIT), an immutable ledger-based technology company dedicated to truth and accountability in transactions. By confirming key data through biometrics and fixed-geolocation points, Anytime Cash creates a dynamic and transparent client profile, allowing Anytime Cash to offer competitive financial services and rates.

Powering banking for all

Many factors contribute to a person’s inability to be fully banked. The innovative technology of Anytime Cash solves the banking problem by verifying customer data with digital assets in order to provide financial services that are convenient, secure, and truth-based to a much wider segment of the population.

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