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Doctor and Patient

Black Ink Tech for

Bridge the gap between providers, insurers, and patients with revolutionary, patented blockchain technology.


Paired Pharma leverages the latest software and hardware innovations to streamline the process of providing patients with prescription drugs. The platform captures biometrics of medical providers and patients, records GPS locations and timestamps, and collects specific prescription information. Paired Pharma stores this information on the blockchain, creating an immutable record of every medical event and providing patients with a comprehensive medical history accessible in a digital wallet. The platform utilizes smart contracts to effectuate payments and disbursements to insurance companies once preset parameters have been met.


Accessible Medical Records

Medical providers and patients lack a convenient hub for data storage and tracking complete medical history. Requesting and receiving medical records is inefficient and time-consuming. Waiting on these documents wastes valuable time for all stakeholders. Until now, patients have never had the opportunity to possess their complete medical history. With Paired Pharma's multi-patented software, patients will have their complete records stored immutably on the blockchain.

Medication Management

With a revolutionary coupling of the physical and digital, Paired Pharma is changing the way medication is stored, handled, and administered to patients. A physical kiosk acts as temperature-controlled storage for medications and is equipped with biometrics technology to track who takes the medication and when, which then becomes part of the immutable record. All of the data received from the kiosk is securely stored using blockchain technology on Paired Pharma’s platform and can be viewed by any participating parties, including the patients themselves.


Smart Contracts

Time-consuming processes like insurance payments and medical record deliveries are eliminated through smart contracts with Paired Pharma, which effectuate payments and information deliveries automatically when preset requirements are met. Smart contracts further reduce fraud by affirming the truth of an event and its details because the who, what, when, and where of each event is immutably stored on the blockchain and accessible through a digital asset.

Patented Technology

Black Ink Tech (BIT), the company behind Paired Pharma, is a platform that integrates hardware and software to produce end-to-end immutability, reducing or eliminating friction, increasing efficiencies, and maximizing asset or service value. Paired Pharma provides a completely transparent environment for all stakeholders of a medical event, from the patient and doctor to the pharmacy and insurance companies.

Uniting providers, insurers, and patients

The current healthcare system is notoriously inefficient and lacks transparency, which results in fraud and lengthy processes for medical providers, patients, and insurance companies. Paired Pharma’s patented technology is capable of closing gaps between patients and their healthcare providers. By linking event details to digital assets, Paired Pharma streamlines medical and pharmaceutical processes, alleviates burnout for healthcare providers who are overwhelmed with paperwork, and provides a repository for a patient’s complete medical history.

Prescription Medication

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