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Truth as a Service™

 Black Ink Tech has created a multi-patented hardware and software platform that offers “Truth as a Service.”  

As the only Truth as a Service platform, we enable companies and individuals across the globe to create immutable functionally equivalent data tokens that are verifiably connected to physical products, services, objects, and events.


The tokens are immutably recorded for future validation and reference through our Touch Audit™ system, allowing the token to be used in the digital environments of Web 2.0-3.0, the metaverse, and internal computing systems to reduce friction, increase efficiency, automate processes and services, and maximize asset value.

The Black Ink Tech platform uses microservices architecture to provide technical flexibility in order to integrate with existing systems quickly and efficiently without affecting the core workflow. We achieve auto-scaling for our microservices through Kubernetes - a container orchestration tool. We focus on capturing data throughout the lifecycle of any asset or event, covering many processes and functions.

This platform is the shortest path to launching immutable technology for your products or services. You have heard about the benefits of blockchain technology being disruptive in every industry, Black Ink Tech makes those predictions a reality.

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Easy customization to suit any industry

With our modular software and various hardware solutions completed and ready for use, we can quickly create and deploy a custom solution for any business.

Built on immutable ledger technology, the BIT platform provides the transparency of blockchain which can revolutionize efficiencies and maximize the value of your business processes, products, and services.

  • Stationary and floating kiosks

  • Interoperability for existing and future product verticals

  • Plug-and-play capabilities ready for future technology

  • Hassle-free implementation

  • Multiple pre-engineered models with full hardware and software ready for most industries and uses


Black Ink Tech is an integrated platform that uses kiosks to capture metadata from the initial token creation event including the unique identifier from the physical object or service, biometrics of participants, date and time of the event, and the GPS location. These key metadata points verifiably and immutably connect the token and the physical object or service. This allows for future validation and auditing through metadata records with Touch Audit™.

Industry-specific engineered hardware devices are geolocated, and can autonomously record data events. These devices can be tailored to any industry and are customizable to any organization’s branding and needs. Each device is developed, built, tested, and deployed in an expedited and efficient delivery process from several US-based facilities.

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Stationary Kiosks

Stationary kiosks are part of our trusted computing network and create the highest grade of token.  They can contain industry-specific hardware and designs for a unique and customizable user experience. Stationary kiosks can track, register, confirm, validate, and more. Since the hardened data token is immutable, it can be integrated into smart contracts for payments, warranty conformity, insurance commencement, and more.  BIT kiosk interfaces can be customized to accommodate any brand or company logo.

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Floating Kiosks

Floating kiosks are economical portable nodes on our trusted network that can be used for multiple process and product validations, and create an investment grade token. Floating kiosk interfaces can be customized to accommodate any brand or company logo.



Black Ink Tech software platform offers end-to-end solutions for creating digital functionally equivalent data tokens using blockchain for any physical objects and events. Our software solutions can be deployed on BIT kiosks or existing company devices. These solutions are established through:

Rapid deployment of customizable software to match any industry and process.

Tokens representing objects, services, or events that add value and security to assets in any industry.

Smart contract integration that facilitates automated transaction processing when predetermined conditions are met.

Unique identification tags that provide an additional layer of verification for physical objects.

Easy implementation into existing platforms - if you can attach a document or picture to your existing workflow, you can utilize the immutability of our platform

Touch Audit™ that displays captured token metadata associated with the where, when, who, and what for transparent validation now and in the future.

A web console that facilitates organizational level management of users, assets, devices and data.

"Regulations, requirements, rules, duties, and obligations do not disappear in the digital world. Standards must be met in the digital world just as they are required in the physical world.

The BIT platform allows users to meet their requirements and obligations."

- Jeremy Blackburn


Touch Audit™

The exclusive Touch Audit feature allows users to independently view and validate the information contained in the metadata associated with any token that was created on the BIT platform. The following data points can be verified simply by clicking, or touching on a mobile device, the Touch Audit button on the token display screen.


Displays the exact GPS coordinates of the device at the time the data token was created.

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IP Address:

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Allows users to view the timestamp of when a data token was minted.


Minted at 9/14/2022 at 9:20 PM


Users can also click on Block Explorer to view the specific data block on the referenced blockchain.


Displays information on the token’s creator, owner, witnesses, authenticators, and other stakeholders.  

Token Owner or Creator

  • Audit completed via owner's profile data​

Authenticator or Official

  • Audit completed​ via owner's profile data and organization employee database


  • Audit completed via witnesses' profile data​

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Displays the data token asset details including the name, ID number, QR code, and associated images or documents.

Sportafi_what 120822-1_edited.jpg

Third Party Auditing

Black Ink Tech has integrated Audit Comply to produce third party certificates for the data validation that may be required, depending on the industry, for government regulations or other requirements or reporting.

assets gradding

Asset Grading

Tokens created for a product or service should not only have the ability to be audited or validated from internal processes or third parties, but also have a grade assigned to them for a quality reference of the token.

Tokens minted with BIT technology are issued asset grades that are calculated based on the level of bio-identification and the security level of the device. Data tokens are given a grade from A+ to C- based on these factors. Transparent validation of the data facilitates use of the data token as a true functional equivalent to increase efficiencies and maximize asset value.


Use Cases

  • Many customers and users can utilize the existing ChainIT app and platform to create tokens to export into their legacy systems for utilization. No customization of hardware or software is required.

  • BIT’s ChainIT platform provides individuals and businesses an easy-to-use app to connect and create tokens. Users capture images of items or events and the app guides them through the simple token minting process. The platform generates a unique identifier linked to the asset, allowing users to view tokens anytime, anywhere. Biometric authentication provides proof of ownership and verification, GPS coordinates designate the exact location of the minting event, and a blockchain timestamp records the precise moment the token was created.

  • With the ability to Touch Audit™ metadata, ChainIT can ensure that all information is accurate and current, making it possible to conduct zero-trust transactions, a major breakthrough in the world of tokens and digital assets.


Contact Us to Get Started

Step 1: Discovery

Set up a call to discuss your needs and how the BIT Platform can provide truth for your business and customers

Step 2: Design

Our software can be deployed on BIT kiosks or existing user or company devices. It is extremely flexible and customizable to allow any industry to capture relevant data points. Stationary and/or floating kiosks come complete with custom branding to match your logos and color schemes.

Step 3: Deployment

Our microservices architecture facilitates rapid development for your custom solution.

  • Software deployment

  • Kiosk deployment

Step 4: Delivery
  • Kiosk delivery

  • Onboarding

  • Support

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