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Black Ink Tech is an integrated platform that uses kiosks to capture metadata from the initial token creation event, including the unique identifier from the physical object or service, biometrics of participants, the date and time of the event, and the GPS location. These key metadata points verifiably and immutably connect the token to the physical object or service. This allows for future validation and auditing through metadata records with our proprietary Touch Audit™ feature.

Industry-specific engineered hardware devices are geolocated, and can autonomously record data events. These devices can be tailored to any industry and are customizable to any organization’s branding and needs. Each device is developed, built, tested, and deployed in an expedited and efficient delivery process from several US-based facilities.

Stationary & floating kiosks

Interoperability for existing and future product verticals

API integrations and implementation

Plug-and-play capabilities ready for future technology

Multiple pre-engineered models with full hardware and software are immediately ready for many products, processes, services, and industries

Easy Customization to Suit Any Industry

With our modular software and various hardware solutions completed and ready for use, we offer the permanent immutability of blockchain that can revolutionize efficiencies and maximize the value of your business' processes, product, or service.

There are two types of kiosks: stationary and floating.  Stationary kiosks are part of our trusted computing network and create the highest grade of tokens. They can contain industry-specific hardware and designs for a unique and customizable user experience. Stationary kiosks can track, register, confirm, validate, and more.


Floating kiosks are economical portable nodes on our trusted network that can be used for multiple process and product validations, creating investment-grade data records. Floating kiosk interfaces can quickly be customized to accommodate any brand or company logo.


Since the hardened data token is immutable, it can be integrated into smart contracts for payments, warranty conformity, insurance commencement, process and project management and automation, and more. BIT kiosk interfaces can quickly be customized to accommodate any brand or company logo.


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