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Back Ink Tech's software platform offers end-to-end solutions for creating digital functionally equivalent data records using blockchain for physical objects or events. Our software solutions can be deployed on our stationary and mobile kiosks, or your company's existing computing devices. These solutions are established through:


Rapid deployment of customizable software to match any industry, process, product, or service.


Validated Data Tokens are verifiably connected data records of objects, services, or events used to maximize value and security in of the industry.


Smart contract integration that facilitates automated transaction processing when predetermined conditions are met. Smart/programmable money.


Unique identification tags provide an additional layer of verification for physical objects. Use your existing identification platform or choose from a catalog of already integrated BIT platform stickers, tags, beacons, RFIDs, barcodes, QR codes, and more.


Easy implementation into existing platforms. If you can attach a document, picture, or upload a data file to your existing workflow, you can utilize the immutability of our platform for products and services.


A web console that facilitates organizational-level management of users, data token, devices, and data. Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) are zero trust for full data analysis and management.

Easy Customization to Suit Any Industry

With our modular software and various hardware solutions completed and ready for use, we offer the permanent immutability of blockchain that can revolutionize efficiencies and maximize the value of your business' processes, product, or service.

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“Regulations, requirements, duties, standards, and obligations do not disappear in the digital world for physical world objects and services; all of these must still be met. Our platform allows users to meet their requirements and obligations while transacting digitally.”

Jeremy Blackburn, CEO of Black Ink Tech


The exclusive Touch Audit™ feature allows users to independently view and verify the information contained in any validated data token that was created on the ChainIT platform. The following data points can be verified simply by clicking the Touch Audit™ button on the display screen.


Displays the exact GPS coordinates of the device at the time the Validated Data Token was created.

The platform allows for the GPS to be preset to the user desired level, or it can be left open for the user to determine at the time the Validated Data Token is created.


Allow users to view the timestamp of when a validated data token was created.

Touch auditing the when will open Block Explorer for users to view the specific data block on the reference blockchain where the validated data token was immutably recorded.


Displays information on the Validated Data Token’s creator, owner, witnesses, authenticators, and other stakeholders.

Creator, Current Owner of VDT

  • Audit completed via owner's Validated Data Token ID

Authenticator, Official, or Witness

  • Audit completed​ via the company's immutable employee list with a reference to the VDT ID number


Displays the Validated Data Token details such as name, ID number, unique object identification such as QR code, and associated images or documents.

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