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Centralize construction job site data for efficiency and accuracy with revolutionary, patented blockchain technology.


Traditionally a paper-bound industry, the SiteSUPER platform digitally solves the problems on a building job site that can delay a project and lead to rising costs. SiteSUPER’s patented technology streamlines and regulates daily construction processes, from employee monitoring and inspection tracking to material management and automatic payment distributions, through an onsite kiosk that serves as a central point on the job site.


Smart Contracts

Data constantly collected throughout the construction process autonomously effectuates smart contracts. The SiteSUPER kiosk captures data including biometrics, time, and location of each employee checking in or out, immutably recording the information to the blockchain. When a project is finished and an inspector verifies work is completed to standards, smart contracts are executed to compensate contractors, laborers, and suppliers instantly.

On-Site Project Management

The SiteSUPER platform keeps everyone, from project managers to stakeholders, working together fluently by automatically tracking labor sequences and updating job statuses. Based on this information, project completion deadlines can be adjusted as needed to better manage expectations. Equipped with a security camera and geofence monitoring, the SiteSUPER kiosk can also alert authorities when intruders are detected or in the case of an emergency for around-the-clock protection.


Inspection and Delivery Automation

Site project managers can directly request materials through the SiteSUPER platform, notifying suppliers and verifying deliveries. SiteSUPER informs the contractors, sends relevant data to insurance, and transmits payment to the supplier. The SiteSUPER system can schedule inspections, verify inspector arrival and departure times, and monitor inspector performance. Upon completion, inspection results become part of an immutable record for the project and are available for review on the platform.

Patented Technology

SiteSUPER is a part of a technology revolution headed by parent company Black Ink Tech (BIT). With the data collected from the onsite kiosk, SiteSUPER ensures more autonomous and efficient business operations so site supervisors can focus on the big picture.

Building a concrete construction process

There have been many attempts to modernize construction with digital platforms or form templates, but generally those address only one part of a multi-faceted issue. With three generations in the industry, the founders of SiteSUPER saw the potential in blockchain technology and created a comprehensive system that automates and up levels construction management.

Construction Workers

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