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Pair real-world sports memorabilia with an immutable digital token to verify authenticity with revolutionary, patented blockchain technology.

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According to estimates from the FBI, 50-80% of sports memorabilia is counterfeit. Sportafi, a Black Ink Tech subsidiary, ensures a verification process for physical items to prevent fraud, protect value, and secure ownership. Sportafi oracles (kiosks) capture metadata from the initial event of significance that qualifies the real-world object as a collectible, including the unique identifier from the object, the biometrics of participants, the date and time of the event, and the GPS location. This metadata immutably links the physical and the digital.

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Enhanced Security

Sellers of sports collectibles verified through Sportafi need to have the digital key along with the physical asset in order to prove authentication and receive payment, otherwise, the transaction cannot proceed. This means that even if an item is stolen or lost, the rightful owners still maintain ownership. The digital asset record also contains a history of transactions and owners, wallet location changes, and any changes in value over time while continuing to confirm its authenticity.

Safer Market

Before Sportafi, the burden was on the buyer to do their own research to determine if the seller was trustworthy and if the item they were selling was authentic. The security of pairing physical objects to an immutable record of the time, location, and biometrics of the official, owner, and/or player results in a market in which fake merchandise is not saleable.


Smart Contracts

Traditionally, sports leagues and manufacturers make a profit from the initial sale of merchandise, but they do not receive additional compensation from future sales. With Sportafi, when an item is transferred (bought or sold) and the token (NFT) moves to a new wallet, the platform automatically pays the corresponding identified stakeholders, including the league, team, and players associated with the memorabilia, creating a transparent, autonomous, recurring residual income stream.

Patented Technology

An immutable ledger-based technology, Black Ink Tech created the hardware and software behind Sportafi that enables the authentification of sports memorabilia. Black Ink Tech has exclusive license rights to over 20 pending and multiple awarded patents related to NFTs, blockchain, smart contracts, and digital assets.

Ensuring truth for sports fans

The U.S. sports memorabilia market amounts to $5.4 billion annually, while the global market is currently valued at $412 billion and expected to reach close to $700 billion by 2032, yet fraud is rampant in the industry. Sportafi’s system prevents the distribution of counterfeit items by producing an immutable digital record that verifies authenticity.

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