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ChainIT Ecosystem

Black Ink Tech is the developer of a multi-patented integrated hardware and software platform called ChainIT™. Learn more about the revolutionary platform and each feature below.


ChainIT™ is the patented software that captures crucial data attributes such as where, when, who, and what for products, services, or events, delivering a permanent, immutable, and meticulously graded data record that encapsulates the attributes of where it happened, when it occurred, who was involved, and what transpired. With ChainIT™, you're not just accessing a platform; you're harnessing the power to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms while preserving the integrity of your data.

ChainIT's patented software features include Being-ID levels, Touch Audit, Token Grading, ChainIT Marketplace, ChainIT Doc,

Where the Physical and Digital Connect


Learn more about ChainIT™ and how it can benefit you.


The stationary and floating kiosks represent our hardware components, serving as the trusted computing networks that leverage the power of the ChainIT™ software platform. During the initial VDT™ creation, kiosks record crucial data details which are permanently stored on digital ledger technology.


These kiosks are not just hardware; they are integral to an ecosystem bridging the digital and physical worlds. They facilitate transparent data transactions and real-time analytics, offering vast market potential.



Learn more about our Hardware Features and how they help assess the VDT grade.

Floating kiosks or mobile kiosks used within the ChainIT ecosystem
Hardware technology used within the ChainIT ecosystem

Stationary Kiosks

Floating Kiosks

Unlock the Value of Transparent Truthwith Black Ink Tech

Touch Audit

Within the ChainIT app, Touch Audit™ is a revolutionary feature that provides users with unparalleled transparency by allowing them to instantly verify essential attribute details of every Validated Data Token (VDT). These details include the 'where,' 'when,' 'who,' and 'what' associated with any physical object, service, or event.


Users can easily authenticate crucial information such as location, timestamp, ownership, and unique identifiers. This feature ensures that VDTs are not just digital records but also serve as reliable and transparent sources of truth regarding the physical world, enhancing data verification and integrity.


Whether you're a consumer seeking to validate a product's authenticity, a business ensuring the legitimacy of services, or an event organizer striving for credibility, Touch Audit™ is your reliable ally in achieving transparency and reliability. It empowers users to gain instant access to key details of any product, service, or event with a simple touch or click, eliminating the need to rely on trust and introducing a new era of data verification and accessibility.  


Learn more about Touch Audit™ and how it can benefit you.

Empowering Transparency, One Touch at a Time


The GPS location associated with the VDT. 


The specific timestamp associated with the VDT. 


The biometrics

of all individuals

associated with the VDT.


The images of the object/event or identifiers associated with the VDT. 

By offering instant access to verified data, Touch Audit™ instills consumer confidence in the authenticity of metadata, elevating the data experience and transforming how we engage with information in the digital era.


Touch Audit feature in the ChainIT app

Validated Data Tokens

Validated Data Tokens™ (VDTs) are at the forefront of the ChainIT platform, serving as digital records that have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with the physical world. These tokens serve as the guardians of authenticity, ensuring the integrity of objects, services, and events in both the digital and physical realms. Validated Data Tokens are data-driven permanent records connected to physical objects, products, and services. Each VDT captures the metadata of where, when, who, and what.

One of the distinguishing features of VDTs is their permanent and immutable data structure, which ensures the information within cannot be altered without immediate detection. This immutability effectively eliminates the need for trust in verifying the data's authenticity, making VDTs a dependable source of truth.


Through the introduction of VDTs, Black Ink Tech transforms the very essence of data authentication, guaranteeing unprecedented reliability, transparency, and security for every digital interaction, transaction, and identity.

"Where" data attribute used in the ChainIT app
"When" data attribute used in the ChainIT app
"Who" data attribute used in the ChainIT app
"What" data attribute used in the ChainIT app





GPS coordinates

Permanent timestamps

Biometrics of participants

Unique identifiers


Learn more about Validated Data Tokens™ and how it can benefit you.


Token Grading System

In the digital world, data is the currency of reliability, and Black Ink Tech's Token Grading System™ provides the assurance you need. 


Our Token Grading System employs both Hardware Levels and BeingID Levels to assess the quality of each Validated Data Token.

In the physical world, objects have established grading scales to determine their value. However, the digital world lacks such a standard, leading to uncertainty and fluctuating ROI. Our Token Grading System™ addresses this gap, offering a reliable method for assessing digital items and enhancing transparency.



Learn more about the Token Grading System™ and how it can benefit you.

Your Assurance of Data Quality

Our standardized system ensures that your digital tokens retain their true value in the digital world. This grading system enhances transparency, reduces friction, and builds confidence for all users.

Token Grading System used in the ChainIT app

Graded tokens provide confidence, making informed decisions and secure transactions in the digital economy. Trust Black Ink Tech to provide the assurance you need in the ever-evolving digital data landscape.


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