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Industry Solutions


Sportafi™ is changing the game for the sports memorabilia world, introducing heightened authenticity and transparency. Sportafi™ connects physical and digital collectibles to Validated Data Tokens™ recording meticulous data for memorabilia items and sporting events. These data points create a permanent and unchangeable record stored on an immutable digital ledger. Touch Audit™ enables anyone to verify the data and Token Grade for any item connected to a VDT™.


Art Lock is reimagining the art industry, connecting physical and digital art pieces with Validated Data Tokens™. These traceable records contain in-depth data for each piece that is tamper-proof, detailing its origin and ownership history for unprecedented transparency and validation. Collectors, gallery owners, and artists are able to scan a QR code and verify a piece of art to prove its authenticity and origin, thus greatly reducing the risk of fraud in the art world.


SiteSUPER™ is an autonomous construction site management platform that oversees the daily operations of a project from employee time and task tracking, to inspection reporting, and automated payment distributions with smart contracts. The first of its kind, SiteSUPER™ leverages Validated Data Tokens™ to deliver much-needed transparency, efficiency, and accountability in each step of the construction process. VDTs™ maintain an immutable record of all site activity and Touch Audit™ allows stakeholders to monitor a site’s progress remotely.


Anytime Cash provides alternative financial services for underbanked and unbanked communities. With the innovation of Validated Data Tokens™, they are able to offer banking and loan solutions to anyone at any time. Anytime Cash allows customers convenient 24/7 access to financial services and customized loans with lower rates and fees. All Anytime Cash customers have access to simplified financial and budgeting tools to assist them on a path toward financial success.


Paired Pharma™is bringing transparency to the medical world. Leveraging Validated Data Tokens™, it records crucial data for doctor-patient interactions and prescription drug transactions. Data is stored in a tamper-proof way with permanent ledger technology. This creates an immutable record for every medical event that is accessible to patients, medical professionals, insurance providers, and other stakeholders. The platform also utilizes smart contracts to automate payments and disbursements to insurance companies, streamlining administrative processes.


Sources to Courses is simplifying food supply chain management with a revolutionary method for transparent traceability. VDTs™are created for the crucial stages of food supply including growing, harvesting, transport, and delivery. These become traceable records stored on a permanent ledger. Touch Audit™gives every member of the supply chain, from farmers to consumers, access to view VDTs™ and verify food origin and quality while maintaining adherence to government regulations.


Backed by the power of Validated Data Tokens™ and permanent ledger technology, Park and Walk provides parking lot owners and managers with a dynamic, innovative system that streamlines every aspect of parking management. From setting rates and schedules to enforcing violations and facilitating daily payouts, Park and Walk is taking the parking management industry to the next level.

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