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The Sportafi platform introduces authenticity and transparency to players, teams, leagues, and fans by creating a unique bond never before seen in the sports memorabilia world. Our marketplace is an inclusive ecosystem that benefits the five main pillars of sports memorabilia: merchandise manufacturers, professional sports leagues, players' associations, authenticating agencies, and the committed collectors and diehard fans who are the driving force behind the industry.


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Art Lock

Art Lock is reimagining the art industry, connecting physical and digital art pieces with Validated Data Tokens™. These immutable records contain attribute metadata that is recorded for each piece, detailing its origin and ownership history for unprecedented transparency and validation. Collectors, gallery owners, and artists are able to scan a QR code and independently verify a piece of art to prove its authenticity and provenance, mitigating the risk of fraud.

Anytime Cash

With millions of Americans struggling to provide proof of income, identity, and solid credit history, roughly 25% of the population is left without reliable financing options. Anytime Cash is an alternative financial services platform that provides banking solutions to everyone, everywhere, at any time. Our platform allows for automated verification and offers many customized loan options to meet specific needs – all easy to access on our conveniently located 24/7 kiosks and our mobile app.


SiteSuper is solving the issues of time and resource management in the construction industry. The platform oversees the daily operations of a project from employee time and task tracking to inspection reporting and automated payment distributions with smart contracts. The SiteSuper kiosk records key attribute metadata and stores it permanently and transparently with immutable ledger-based technology, enabling all stakeholders to view and verify — drastically increasing efficiencies.

Park and Walk

Park and Walk is simplifying the parking process with immutable ledger-based technology. By scanning a QR code, drivers enter their license plate, phone number, and desired time — and pay! No app needed and no waiting in lines. Smart contracts take care of payments with quick automation. The immutable record created is transparent and accessible for lot managers and owners as well, to view, validate, and maintain their lots.

Paired Pharma

Paired Pharma is introducing accountability and transparency to the healthcare industry. Our platform records attribute metadata for doctor-patient interactions and prescription drug transactions, storing data permanently using ledger-based technology. This creates an immutable record for every medical event that is accessible to patients, medical professionals, insurance providers, and other stakeholders. The platform also utilizes smart contracts to automate payments and disbursements to insurance companies, streamlining administrative processes.

Sources to Courses

Sources to Courses is revolutionizing supply chain management with transparent food tracking that keeps individuals informed on all fronts- from the source to the course. With a straightforward platform, farms and other food sources can easily provide hardened data of their operations, creating Validated Data Tokens™ (VDTS). This immutable record is carried on through transport and delivery, completing a full chain of events that is Touch Audit™ enabled for consumers and inspectors. The VDT records allow users to view the origin of products and enable businesses to comply with government regulations.

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