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Have you ever been late to an event because you were making laps around a parking lot just waiting and hoping for a spot to open up? Stop circling and start using Park & Walk. The smart parking app that lets customers see in real-time which parking lots have spots available and even which spots are open. 



Parking lot is geofenced by Google Maps, you can even geofence individual spots. 

Easy to use

It’s as easy as finding a parking spot and taking a picture of your license plate.  You’ll be notified once your time is close to expiring, and when you’re ready to go, you can use the app to easily locate your car. 


By capturing license plate numbers, owners can easily confirm and enforce violators. You can even use the app to locate violators. 

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How it Works

Park & Walk uses patented hardware and software to immutably record every transaction that takes place and can be found on the blockchain. Streamlines the process and makes it easier for owners and customers alike.


Paired Assets  

Each parking lot is an asset, and parkers are customers of the asset. Each transaction is immutably recorded on the blockchain in real-time, and money is automatically transferred to the appropriate parties upon customer payment. 


Customer Benefits 

Streamlines every part of the parking process--from finding a spot to paying. Park & Walk takes the stress out of parking. Customers can register their credit card in the app and view prior transactions for their convenience. 

Image by Shubham Dhage

Immutable Records

Location and time is immutably recorded thanks to the photo taken by the customer that is then stored on the blockchain--and can then be used by the owners in the case of violations.