Prescription Drugs

Paired Pharma

There’s no question that the healthcare industry has faced major change in equal parts by the pandemic and the vast adoption of virtual care. Healthcare providers are not only having to deal with issues of staff shortages leading to overworked staff but have also been given the impossible task of updating their systems to keep up with the changing times--this is where Paired Pharma can help. 


With our revolutionary pairing of the physical and digital, Paired Pharma is changing the way medication is stored, handled, and administered to patients. By having a physical kiosk to store the medication paired with the blockchain technology that immutably tracks the medication, who it was given to and who administered it, Paired Pharma helps streamline the process bypassing extra paperwork while also increasing accuracy and transparency in the healthcare industry.

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The kiosk acts as temperature-controlled storage for medications and is equipped with biometrics technology to track who takes the medication and when, which then becomes part of the immutable record.


All of the data received from the kiosk will be securely stored using blockchain technology on  Paired Pharma’s platform, and can be viewed by any participating parties, including the patients themselves.

Smart Contracts

Once a transaction has taken place, such as if medication is administered to a patient, all appropriate parties--healthcare providers, hospital, insurance, etc.--will be automatically be compensated streamlining the process and bypassing tedious paperwork that can take up healthcare workers time.