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Admin Assistant

In this role, you will show flexibility to help with day-to-day administrative duties, project management, and help with the development, execution, and monitoring of digital efforts, social media, press relations, and content marketing campaigns.


Back-end Developer (NestJS)

We value your experience in software development and blockchain technology. In this role, you will create and maintain database frameworks to coordinate with frontend applications.


Content Writers

You know how to convey a message to your audience. Your experience in advertising will help us tell our potential customers why we are the best option. Our platform is constantly growing so you will always have exciting new products to deliver to our consumer base.


Front-end Developers (NestJS)

Your experience in blockchain technology and web languages is an asset. This position will give you the opportunity to create meaningful customer experiences through website and web application development.


Full Stack Developers (NestJS + VueJS)

Use your experience in database design, API systems, and development languages to create functional platforms for our customers. You will communicate with your development team and the product owner to streamline the development process and create meaningful interactions with our technology systems.


Graphic Designer

In this role, you will oversee all graphic design needs and facilitates marketing campaigns from start to finish. Working toward achieving quarterly and yearly goals for department and company.


Mobile App Developers

We are looking for skilled mobile developers with strong technology backgrounds in React Native. This is a great opportunity to work on innovative solutions in blockchain domain.


Product Owners

In this role, you will use your experience in product development to lead a team as they take a product from origin to market. Tasks include research, interacting with the development team, and prepping the product for full launch. Your excellent communication skills will keep everyone from the development team to the sales force up to date on progress.



In this role, you will use your considerable experience in videography and editing to bring our products and systems to life on screen. You will work closely with our marketing team and product owners to create visual aids for our customers.


Web Designers

As a BIT web designer, you will use your experience in visualization and software to create websites that make customer interactions memorable. You will collaborate with our development and product teams to produce easy to use and visually appealing website experiences for our users.


Blockchain Technology


Not currently accepting applications, check back soon!

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